Share the Joy of Aircraft Noise

I AM so joyful when I see the odd plane in the air heading towards my house knowing they are generating much direct and indirect wealth for our economy in ways that many of us do not appreciate.

I am joyful that they provide visitors and residents the opportunity to journey to and from our lovely City and I’m joyful, given our time zone, that we don’t have curfews that would restrict and possibly stop some of these travellers from entering or leaving at times that suit travellers’ recreational or business requirements.

Unfortunately, at times there is too much joy with more than a fair number of low, noisy planes carving their way through the sky over a very fixed path and at all times of the day and night.

What I can’t understand is why some not in the flight paths don’t want to share this joy and why they think it fair that those living in the present flight path, who were themselves once free of aircraft traffic, should bear this overbearing joy.

Share the joy is a reasonable ask.