Smooth path best

I WAS amazed when I read the Canning Times‘ report in the November 12 edition headlined ‘A path to pain and injury.’ It was almost identical to what happened to me in August.

I was walking along the footpath that runs around Burrendah Park along Pinetree Gully Road when I tripped.

I badly injured my arm, knee, shoulder and even my chin was whacked.

My right arm went black with bruises and I could not use it for a couple of days. My knee hit the cement path with full force and a watery patch developed over the knee.

Just recently, it became infected and I was taken to hospital to be put on antibiotics and eventually had a cleaning operation.

It is very slowly healing but it has taken three months.

I’ve been back to investigate the path and the section I tripped on was unbalanced. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea if the council could remove the concrete path slabs and lay asphalt-type footpaths (flat and smooth). Either that or just gravel would do.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tripped walking along footpaths and been injured. I refuse to walk on footpaths now; the side of the road or on the park grass only.

Margaret Niccar, Willetton