Split is feared

I WAS so relieved to see Mike Nahan raising his concerns about the proposed split of Willetton between two councils.

Other councils are launching protests about the changes but our own council (City of Canning) is just rolling over.

I am concerned that the split of Willetton between two councils could compromise or delay the proposed redevelopment of the Willetton Sports Club that was promised in the last State election, and risk other services.

The only reason I can fathom a split of Willetton is to grab the rates income that comes from the Willetton industrial area and the Southlands Boulevard shopping precinct.

I would not support Mike Nahan’s proposal to shift the border further eastwards.

The City of Canning invested heavily in the Riverton Leisureplex ” the loss of that facility to another council would be a huge blow.

I would prefer the new council boundary remain at Karel Avenue on the existing suburb boundary.

Andrew Woods, Willetton