Stop dumping

OUR local church has an ongoing problem with illegal dumping.

We have two Anglicare charity bins, and welcome donations of clothing.

We also welcome donations of clothing, toys, bric-a-brac and books for our monthly Op Shop, and all of the sales of these items goes to support local welfare agencies.

Donations for the Anglicare bins can be left at any time, but please leave only what you can fit in the bins. To donate items for our Op Shop, please phone us first on 9458 1348.

Unfortunately, we have a continuous problem with rubbish left on the ground around the charity bins, on the verandas or elsewhere on our property.

One local business last week deposited a rusted-out four-drawer filing cabinet in the middle of the car parking area.

Dumping rubbish around our church creates an eyesore and costs us money for disposal, which reduces our ability to support local charities. It is also illegal.

Can we appeal for some consideration, please?

Rev Evan Pederick,

St Michael and All Angels

Anglican Church, Cannington