Stop hiding

As the local governments into which parts of the City of Canning will be forced do not have aged care policies, will Mr Simpson guarantee that the State Government will fill the hole left in facilities that many people depend on?

The whole Government policy is smoke and mirrors. There are comparisons between the local government CEOs’ salary packages and the Premier’s salary, with talk that reducing the number of CEOs will save many dollars.

Does the Minister think a CEO is going to administer a local government twice the size as at present on the same pay as now, especially as the council decides a CEO’s salary?

The Minister says it is no use talking to him as it is now in the hands of a review board. However, just to whom will the review board take its recommendations?

Stop hiding Minister; the people do not want your amalgamations.

If they do, they will tell you.

Most local governments, like good businesses, are run very well without losing their AAA ratings.