Synergy postcard a waste of money

Assuming this went to 1.5 million users, the cost in printing and postage could have been around $50,000.

I suggest this information could have been distributed at the next billing period and mostly by email as a large percentage of the population, including me, use this billing method.

If the information was incorporated in the next bill, it could also be made specific to the individual consumer rather than just generic.

How much more effective would it be to say “your bill is $xx lower than it would have been without repeal of the carbon tax and you also have a rebate of $xx on what you have paid since July 1, 2014”.

Such savings, across the board, could be used to reduce the power costs, assist in reducing state debt or increase the money available (loan free) for local government reform.

The Energy Minister should discuss this matter with Synergy and his colleagues to stop the waste of public money.