The truth about Roe 8

Lynn is a Greens MLA, and of course she would put forward the Greens’ view that Roe 8 should not be built because of their perceived but misguided environmental concerns.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey and Dr Mike Nahan, MLA for Riverton, together with most of the public, believe that its building is imperative.

It was designed in the first place to relieve traffic on Leach Highway and South Street, which it will still do.

But more urgently, it will help to alleviate the enormous increase in vehicle use stemming from the forthcoming opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital, which will have an additional 35,000 people living, working and travelling through the area, an extra 6000 people a day travelling to it, as well as 85,000 emergency movements per year.

In addition to this extra traffic, St John of God Hospital, Murdoch is scheduled to expand significantly.

These really are facts, Eddy.