There’s plenty to like on our facebook page

LIKE is the buzzword of the digital age.

Sorry, I know I am way behind the times, but I have finally joined Facebook and I have discovered how important it is for people to ‘like’ your posts.

Not to mention how teenagers use the word four times in every sentence, such as ‘It is like, really not good for, like, old people to, like, be talking about Facebook because it is, like, so uncool.’

I watched a program about how young girls are posting more and more revealing selfies to get more likes. It is a competition between friends to see who gets the most.

It is horrifying to think that teenage girls feel it is important to measure themselves in such a shallow and demeaning way.

On the upside, social media is a really valuable way to keep in touch with friends and get instant updates on big local news events.

My daughter usually hears about the progress of fires in our area or serious |accidents before anything is broadcast or televised.

It is a way to search for lost pets and raise money for charity and even find old school friends.

Which brings me to my reason for this column – WE NEED YOU TO LIKE US.

Please go to the Canning Times Facebook page and click the ‘like’ icon. You will get access to a lot of extra local news and we will get a boost of self-esteem.

Rick Lee – Editor