Things rushed

I have lived in Cannington for 43 years. I think our council has been run very efficiently over those years.

In last week’s Canning Times article headlined ‘Clock ticks on reform options’, Mr Linton Reynolds said: ‘In the absence of an agreed boundary with Melville, and based on our understanding that both the MLA for Riverton and the City of Melville are seeking to absorb more of our district into the ‘greater City of Fremantle’ we are considering all options’.

We cannot afford to lose any area that produces income for Cannington.

The public information meeting on October 1 to be ratified on October 2 at a special council meeting and delivered to the Government on October 4 seems to me to be rushing things.

At the special council meeting of October 2 who will be representing the constituents?

The efforts of this State Government to rush councils to amalgamate are fraught with disaster, but whatever the outcome we will be left paying a lot more in our rates.