Time bombs tick

Blame is focused constantly on rural landowners, suburban gardeners and commercial polluters for the increasing decline of our rivers and wetlands.

They seem to have ignored the contribution many local councils have made to the problem in the past with their unrestricted use of rubbish landfill alongside lakes, rivers and above-underground aquifers.

Tompkins Park in Alfred Cove and Bibra Lake are examples of this lack of foresight. These contaminated sites are now ticking environmental time bombs.

Perhaps the most dangerous one of all is at Burswood where the overlying soil is being compacted to construct a cash cow for the AFL and the casino operator.

I fear that the constant pounding of the soil will ensure the trapped chemicals, toxins, pesticides and other noxious materials in the decomposing rubbish are squeezed out and leach into the nearby river.

No wonder the Government is rendering its various environmental watchdogs dysfunctional.

There is a very good chance they could reveal the truth about a significant cause of the decline of our aquatic icons.