Trees vital for cockies

It was not that long ago that the City removed 150 lemon-scented gum trees from Manning Road as the City said they were causing vibrations for home owners.

This was done at a big cost to ratepayers with no proof that the trees were causing the vibrations.

Unbelievably, one would expect to encounter vibrations when living next to a heavily used highway; however, the City blamed the trees.

Many environmental groups opposed the decision given the trees had become a regular food source and resting site for the black cockatoos.

After the City’s decision, the black cockatoos lost a vital food source, and the vibrations continued. With the continung removal of vegetation on the Swan-Coastal Plain, populations of black cockatoos are literally starving to death.

It is not well understood that these birds require mature trees to survive; it is not a matter of planting new ones to replace old ones.

These birds are at the brink; they cannot wait decades for these trees to mature.