True facts given

I AM writing to thank Linton Reynolds, Lyn Russell and the staff at the City of Canning for their passion and drive to try to help us prevent our City of Canning being abolished.

Canning residents have had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with Linton and Lyn and found them both to be open and extremely honest.

They don’t hand out platitudes and nod in the right places. They tell it like it is and give us the facts ” facts that can be verified.

We can stand on our own financially; we live in a sustainable council, we are all part of a growing and vibrant community that has vision and creativity; we live in a multicultural community that cares for its people (young, old, disabled) and its environment, and finally, we want to stay as Canning.

The mood of the rally held last Wednesday was very clear – there is a price to pay when people feel their home territory is being invaded.

Thanks to the representative for Cannington, Mr Bill Johnston, for his attendance and continuing to care about his electorate.