Voter won over

I am strongly opposed to this and it has given me many sleepless nights as I have always been a Labor voter and would be heartbroken to have to vote for another party.

Hannah spent quite a bit of time discussing this with me on the phone and, although she knew my point of view and that I wouldn’t necessarily like the answers she gave me, she was completely honest and open with what she had to say.

I concluded the conversation by saying that, regrettably, I would not be able to vote for her due to this policy as I felt so strongly about it.

I subsequently rang the Liberal candidate, Mike Nahan, and discussed the matter with him. His responses to my questions were what I wanted to hear but, after doing some further research, I felt those responses to be not completely true.

I also still do not agree with Labor’s policy or plan to scrap the Roe 8 extension.

However, solely based on Ms Beazley’s honesty and willingness to discuss this issue with me, I will be voting Labor at the forthcoming election.