Water so precious

ONE of the most significant global crises of the 21st century is not having access to clean water.

It is not just for consumption but also for our basic living essentials. Is our water crisis a threat to humanity?

No one will care until our taps dry out. Our water supply is depleting quicker than we are able to replenish it.

We are using more and more water because of increase in population, more water put into agriculture, water wastage, inefficient use of fresh water; increase in pollution and largely due to climate change.

I am stressing the importance of being water efficient or our water supply will deplete until one day it will be gone.

Without water we will all die.

Sustainability is the key to surviving this water crisis.

Every person�s water consumption behaviour can make a difference and the whole population�s water savings added together will become a big saving.

JADYN WONG, Bull Creek.