When trouble started before Roe 8

In answer to Brad Capes’ letter Ghastly detour, May 26, and Matthew Bruyninckx’s letter Link is not wanted, June 2.

According to Brad, we should not have any roads because he has been against the building of Roe 8 for as long as I remember.

The whole trouble started when the Labor government deleted the Fremantle Eastern Bypass and sold the land.

Roe 8 was planned long ago to join up with this road and then it would have been in line with Stirling Bridge for an easy passage to the port.

As for the “long detour”, there will not be one because the new road will run roughly parallel with Leach Highway.

The Beeliar Wetlands do not exist unless it is raining and they are far from being “pristine” as Matthew Bruninckx describes them.