Why target Canning?

AT the outset, I believe the present local government reorganisation is unnecessary, except in the older western suburbs and in regional areas.

The amount of people’s time and money spent can hardly justify the potential outcomes.

Compulsory voting in local government is about the only useful outcome from the existing process.

That said, I cannot understand why Canning, which for residents has one of the lowest rates in the dollar in the metropolitan area, should be targeted for dismemberment.

Why haven’t Gosnells residents taxed at 5.675c in the dollar demanded to be part of Canning where the rate is 3.73c in the dollar?

As a Canning resident, I don’t want to be part of Melville or Gosnells and subject to a 50 per cent increase in rates.

How many people in Canning realise this is will be the net outcome of these reforms?