Cappellaro keen to turn up heat in Spain

Daniel Cappellaro is heading to Spain to play with Barcelona club Futbol Sala Castelldefels.
Daniel Cappellaro is heading to Spain to play with Barcelona club Futbol Sala Castelldefels.

Representatives from Barcelona club Futbol Sala Castelldefels saw YouTube clips of Cappellaro playing in the WA State Futsal League and contacted his manager to see if Cappellaro would play out the rest of the season in Spain.

While leaving a secure community-based job with the Perth Glory was tough, the 27-year-old said he was keen to see what he could achieve in Spain.

‘I want to play as much as I can when I’m over there,’ he said.

‘I believe we’ll be training four days a week, so it will be great to be in that professional environment again and there’s two games a week as well, so I’m looking forward to that.’

Cappellaro is no stranger to playing overseas, in Holland and Argentina. But he said the move to Barcelona, the city of his favourite 11-a-side team and one of the biggest clubs in the world, was a dream come true.

‘For futsal, Spain is the place,’ he said.

‘When you’re in that environment, it’s different because the guys in Europe and South America train a lot more, it’s more of a professional mindset, so you just adapt to the level by constantly playing and constantly being involved with it.

‘That’s why if you went for a month, it wouldn’t be long enough.’

Cappellaro’s move to Spain is also a dream come true for proponents behind the new WA State Futsal Centre in Bibra Lake.

Having set up the centre late last year, El Abrahams, a former Australian player, is keen to see the league produce more quality players over the coming years.

‘It’s finally getting there and everyone else can see what we’ve got at the centre,’ he said.

‘We’re still scratching the surface, there’s still so much more to come.

‘All the stuff we have moving forward, with games being filmed, quality referees, spectators and that sort of thing, is all part of what the players have to promote their skills.

‘If they feel they want to be better players then they need to show everyone else that’s what they are.

‘There’s no point being a bunch of social players being filmed, no one wants to see that.’