Golfer is hoping to be a hit

Cameron Jones (17) of Ferndale.|Picture: Marcelo Palacios d427324
Cameron Jones (17) of Ferndale.|Picture: Marcelo Palacios d427324

The 17-year-old is a member of Royal Fremantle Golf Club and has been invited to the WA Open as a member of the WA Junior state side.

The Year 11 student, who trains four days a week and plays twice on the weekend, said he was excited to participate in the Open.

‘It feels really good to be invited – all the hard work has paid off,’ Jones said.

The St Norbert College student started playing golf when he was eight years old and immediately fell in love with the game.

‘It’s very challenging and it always brings you back, even when you play bad or you play good, it always brings you back,’ Jones said.

‘Admiring golfers Oliver Gough and Roy McAvoy, Jones hopes to go to America when he finishes Year 12 to play golf and study either economics or sports science.

In the meantime, juggling school, study and golf is enough for the budding sportsman.

‘It’s really hard. I wouldn’t start homework until about 8pm so it’s really hard to keep my average,’ Jones said.

‘But my tip for other golfers is just to persevere even when times are tough.

‘You always have a bad stage but you always get through it and play well, so keep persevering.’

The WA Open will run from October 16-19 at Cottesloe Golf Club.