National comp caps off a stellar season

Kristin Secola [17] of Canning Vale
Kristin Secola [17] of Canning Vale

She finished fourth of 19 competitors in the junior competition at Docklands, Melbourne. The competition ran from November 29 to December 6.

In August, the 17-year-old travelled to Sydney for her first international competition, finishing eighth of 15 junior division competitors from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Kristen said she had been ice-skating since she was four years old.

‘I’m very happy with how I went, it was a good way to end the season,’ she said.

‘The Melbourne nationals is the biggest event you can get to in Australia,’ she said.

‘There is more competition in Melbourne than over here.

The young ice-skater said she went full-time with the sport after finishing school last year.

‘I’m in good form and have been improving a lot this year,’ she said.

‘Now I’m going to have a break and work on some choreography for next season (May).’