Soccer: women’s players in demand for new Shelley club

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BASED in Centenary Park in Shelley, Zane Abrahams hopes to establish a new adult women’s soccer club.

Players with experience at any level from school to state or indoor, even those who have not played for some time but have the confidence to get back into a team sport are encouraged to join for the inaugural season.

“We are a new team going into the top competition and are receiving interest from various ages keen on joining a friendly group,” Abrahams said.

“Ages range from girls as young as 15 to women in their 20s and even into their 30s.

“All fitness levels and experienced players are blending into an organised group that will become a tough team later.”

Abrahams said there were a few places that needed to be filled and key positions would require players who could meet the challenge.

“All that is needed is a reasonable fitness standard and some degree of understanding in the round ball game,” he said.

“If you fit the bill please give us a call and come and join us in what the Australian Institute of Sport has claimed is the fastest growing team sport in Australia.”

“Its safe, fun and gives a great platform for socialising before and after games and training sessions.”

The team has access to a great training and playing field as well as female only change rooms for privacy from other teams situated in a central hub.

The club will take calls after 5pm, call Ray on 0481571336.