SOCIALS: Truffles raise money for sarcoma research

Kareen, David and Maddie Coomer
Kareen, David and Maddie Coomer

This season’s first truffles from chef David Coomer’s Southern Forrests orchard in Manjimup were auctioned at the Duke of George, East Fremantle to raise funds for Sarcoma research.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Wendy Wunsch, Liz Carey Smith and Michele Gosling
Sarah Kelly, Sarah Hawkins and Katrina Guzder
Richard Carey Smith and Hugh Atkinson
Rachael McIntyre and Simone Glover
Paula Tulloch and Angela Goes
Olivia Pegram and Peter Harding
Natalie Morgan and Emma Cross
Lee Westbrook and Mandy Basson
Kim Westbrook and Sue Rogers
John Katz and Susie Unsworth
Jeff Atkinson and Renee Coyle
Jacqueline Spruce and Peta Evans
Fiona McGrath