Advice from my old man: Perthonalities share their dad’s best advice in lead up to Father’s Day

Mark McGowan (left) and Chris Dawson
Mark McGowan (left) and Chris Dawson

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we asked Perthonalities to share the best advice they received from their dad.

WA Premier Mark McGowan
Dad taught me to always try my hardest and never give up. In some ways, it wasn’t the advice he gave me but the fact I love him so much made me want to do things to make him proud.

WA Police Force commissioner Chris Dawson
“You are the product of your priorities” is the best advice that my father passed on. How I approach and what effort and focus I give to my family life, values, faith, health, professional career, relationships and private interests will determine and influence the results.

Fiona Wood and Paul Eteen-Bliss

Fiona Stanley Hospital surgeon and researcher Fiona Wood
To make sure you get the education that gives you the choice to get up in the morning and enjoy what you do.

Community News chief executive Paul Eteen-Bliss
My brother and I cringed when Dad suggested we join the local Scout troop. I can honestly say during those important early years of my life, I learnt an incredible array of practical skills, many of which I still use today – fire lighting, first aid, nutrition, leadership and so much more. This advice really did set us up well for life.

Shaun Tan (source: Mike Baker) and Samantha Wynne

Illustrator, writer and film maker Shaun Tan
As an architect, my dad was more about showing than telling, so that’s tacit advice in itself. Two things he always showed: well-made things last for a really long time, and always finish what you start.

Designer Samantha Wynne
Dad is a great believer in being true to yourself, supportive of others and family first – always. “Everyone has 24 hours in a day Sam, make yours count.” It’s simple and you don’t truly appreciate this until you are a little older, wiser and a parent yourself.

Chris Taylor and Samantha Jade

Fraser’s managing director and executive chef Chris Taylor
Respect is the most important quality he taught me and I still carry that with me today. Whether it be to new people I come across daily, people I work with, suppliers I buy off as a chef or friends and family. It is an incredibly important element of running a business and I am eternally grateful to him for instilling this value within me.

Singer Samantha Jade
My dad is the most selfless, beautiful person and his advice to me has always been to never ever give up. When my mum was sick, it was really hard to not give up and we only pulled through that situation because of my dad and his resilience. He truly believes that positivity is so strong and I believe that too. He’s the glue that holds it all together for my whole family.

Suzanne Hunt (left) and Emma Milner

Australian Institute of Architects WA president Suzanne Hunt
My beautiful dad gave me some brilliant practical life advice for a young girl, that is now mum to sons. A love of AFL, the right way to kick a footy, how to pull a crab pot and gut a fish, how to reverse a trailer and to never forget to put the bung in. Please give your dad an extra special hug for all of us that miss our dads terribly this Father’s Day.

Ray White sales executive Emma Milner
My father worked away during my childhood and his unrivalled and tireless dedication to his work is something I find incredibly inspirational. That dedication and work ethic was all because of his devotion and loyalty to me, my brother and my mum. His selfless commitment to family is what I try to follow in my adult life.