SOCIALS: WASO’s Symphonic Fantasy

Jerome and Desiree Mogridge
Jerome and Desiree Mogridge

Guests dressed up for WASO’s Symphonic Fantasy that included soundtracks from Back to the Future, The Avengers and the Australian premiere of the music from gaming craze Fortnite.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Yvette Egerton
Sonia Chee and Mary Basta
Rebecca Evans and Pheta Aliivaa
Rachel Denham White and Bryce Bamess
Nicola Ashford and Aimee Riley
Melissa Dawes and Mathew Donaldson
Megan Lo Surdo
Mark Coughlan, Chris Smailes and Evan Kennea
Maddison Corlett and David Kleidon
Heidi and Asiri Perera
Emily Smith and Genie Parker
Emily Green-Armytage and Ginny Luff
Candice Mele and Bart Jesionek
Ben Farley and Linzi Sorrell