SOCIALS: Women and Infants Research Foundation supporters gather

Agatha Wichert and Michelle Linney
Agatha Wichert and Michelle Linney

Supporters of the WIRF Spring Gala – the Women & Infants Research Foundation’s premier fundraising event to be held at Fraser’s later this month – joined key private industry and health representatives for a sponsors evening at Linneys.

Pictures: Alan Chau

Troy and Nathan Linney
Laura Radovan and James Humphreys
Laura O’Brien-Oxley and Justin Linney
Isabella Jones
Greg Linney and Gide Hagge
Georgina Egerton-Warburton and Susie Newnham
Deb Attard Portughes and Gillian Booth- Yudelman
David Tomasi, Anita Keeley and Susan Cotton
Dave Humphreys and Kirstin Mardardy
Barbara Jewell and Elle Campbell
Anthony Wilkes and Dave Bevis