SOCIALS: Youth Focus celebrates 25th anniversary

Fiona Kalaf, Ken Michael and Bronwyn Rasmussen
Fiona Kalaf, Ken Michael and Bronwyn Rasmussen

Youth Focus staff gathered with long-time supporters at the Crystal Club at Crown Perth recently to celebrate the organisation’s 25th Anniversary of supporting youth mental health in WA.

Peter Fitzpatrick, Christina Morrissy and Chris Harris
Peter Prendiville, Chris Ellison and Trevor Taylor
Graham Iddles and Bruce Fielding
Nick Henry and Peter Harold
Gary Roberts and Gavin Bain
Elizabeth Perron and Jenny Allen
Gemma Scheibling and Veronica Johnston
Jessica Coates and Esther Anderson
Kate Mahon, Leah Miles and Jodie Read
Phil Cousins and Adrian Kluge
Lauren Jerrat, Natalia Restrepo Vargas and Mirella Dodd
Fiona Stewart and Emma Brierty
Jane Brown and Amber Jackson
Seth Tullar, Reto Blanke and Darby Thompson