SOCIALS: EDGE Employment Solutions rewards employers of people with a disability

Desiré Els, Alex Baumhoff and Stephanie Stainton
Desiré Els, Alex Baumhoff and Stephanie Stainton

EDGE Employment Solutions hosted its annual employer event to recognise people who had gone above and beyond to employ someone with a disability, at the Hyatt earlier this month.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Toby Anscombe and Tim Gossage
Sofia Kakridas and Tahlia Burn
Raluca Alecsa, Kelly Hughes and Carmen Nisa
Matt Selby, Louisa Davis and Ryan Gundry
Maria Rozo and Kate Brough
Jessica Laird and Thushara Ellies
Jamie Cosgrove and Rachel Charlton
Gina Hogan and Emily Drew
Danny and Anna Ciampini
Carrie Murphy, Frankie Broderick and Ashton Taylor
Andy Wheble, Maria Lloyd Jones and Patrick Moran
Rachel and Doug Copeman