Pierre Ulric brings magic to Cockburn

Pierre Ulric wows a young audience member. (Credit: Mark Hoffmann Photography)
Pierre Ulric wows a young audience member. (Credit: Mark Hoffmann Photography)

PIERRE Ulric is a self confessed rationalist who says he believes in the power of science and logical thought.

He also admits that particular world view is at complete odds with his chosen career as an illusionist and magician.

“I’m a rationalist believe it or not, but I love magic because it is theatre and creates the illusion of rules being broken,” he said.

“It’s a contradiction but that’s what’s fun, as long as the audience suspends their disbelief for a few minutes, it brings forth pleasure and entertainment.

“Especially now when there’s answers everywhere, it’s rare people get confronted with something the don’t know.”

The Western Australian Society of Magicians 2018 Magician of the Year is bringing that sense of wonder and uncertainty to Cockburn as part of the 2019 Fringe World Festival.

He said the fun-filled children’s show Funtastico was something everyone in the audience could enjoy.

“In Funtastico I’m a whimsical magician, a modern day harry potter kinda guy, a bit like professor Snape but nicer,” he said.

“They should expect some surprises and a lot of fun.

“It’s very interactive and I’ll ask kids and adults to get involved.

“It’s the most amazing show that they’ll probably ever seen.”

Funtastico is at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre on January 18 and 28 and February 1 and 3.

Shows start at 4pm and 6pm.

Visit fringeworld.com.au to buy tickets.


Pierre Ulric’s 2019 Fringe World Festival Shows

Funtastico: January 18 and 28, February 1 and 3, 4pm and 6pm-Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre

Wacky Magic and Mad Science: January 19-26, 4pm-Woodside Pleasure Garden + January 27 and February 2, 3.30pm-Sonar Room

Neo Magic: January 18-21, 9.40pm-Woodside Pleasure Garden (adults only)

Plus various ‘Street Magic’ busking stints throughout the Festival.