Ryan S McNally back on stage for June ‘scare-fest’ performance in Hamilton Hill

Actors Zack Inglis and Ryan S McNally in Confession. Picture: Jarrad Sharman/ JS
Actors Zack Inglis and Ryan S McNally in Confession. Picture: Jarrad Sharman/ JS Photography

COOLBELLUP resident Ryan S McNally will step away from his director duties to star in his first major role in more than a year.

McNally will feature in Confession, an immersive horror experience he says will leave the audience questioning what lengths they would go to for survival.

The scare-fest “brings light, sound, visual, smell and feel together in this gripping 45-minute story”, showing what it would be like to live with a secret in a post-apocalyptic world.

Throwing a spanner in the works, the show’s narrative will change each night as the actors are subjected to different situations throughout the performance.

McNally plays the conflicted anti-hero of the story, Daimon.

“He has been through a lot and has made some questionable decisions since the world ended,” he said.

“Being part of something that is constantly evolving and changing has been one of the best challenges I have faced as an actor.

“We are given new information each rehearsal and we get to choose if it is something we divulge or if it provides us motivation through the story. You can’t prepare for rehearsals because new information comes to light each time we rehearse and each scene is played slightly differently. It is a really cool concept that I get to be a part of creating.”

McNally has spent much of the past year directing and producing, with his last major role being that of Nicky in Avenue Q.

He said there was something “real and raw” about Confessions that attracted him to the role.

“Seeing a final product and the response from the actors and audience is what I love when I direct,” he said.

“You see the same thing when you act but at the same time the push to be the best you can be on stage is something that I have missed.

“I also believe that any good director should go between both to remind themselves what it is like on both sides.”

What: Confession

Where: Phoenix Theatre (within the Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall), corner of Carrington Street and Rockingham Road.

When: June 2 – 10

Information: www.darkpsychicproductions.com