13 turtles killed crossing road in Bibra Lake overnight

The turtle crossing signs on Progress Drive. Photo: Jojo Sophia Parisse
The turtle crossing signs on Progress Drive. Photo: Jojo Sophia Parisse

AS many as 13 turtles are thought to have died after being hit by cars while crossing Progress Drive in Bibra Lake overnight.

Local resident Jojo Sophia Parisse was on her way to the vet after finding an injured turtle on the road when she said she noticed the carnage on Progress Drive.

“I had stopped my car in the middle of the road with my emergency lights on and as I was getting out, a car over took me and ran four over,” she said.

“They would have definitely seen them.

The carnage on Progress Drive on October 9. Photo: Jojo Sophia Parisse

“I just drove down Progress Drive and counted 13 dead, some you can tell have been purposely ran over because they were on the side of the road.

“I’m absolutely disgusted and heartbroken.

“It’s a 50km road, there are three signs saying to slow down and watch for turtles and people still manage to run straight over so many.”

Filipa De Freitas, who also drove through the area, said she was “saddened by all these unnecessary deaths”.

“I saw over 10 dead turtles, some looked deliberate as they were in the middle of the road, where they have those painted islands on the road,” she said.

“The only way they would be hit is if you deliberately swerved over them and at least three or four looked deliberate.

“Maybe if people paid a little more attention and slowed down this wouldn’t happen.

“I do the speed limit there and I get people driving right up my behind or beeping at me.”

In response to the incident, Cockburn councillor Chontelle Sands said she has requested a report from council about including permanent turtle crossing signs around all wetland areas.