Armadale Road flyover bridge funding expected to be announced in Federal Budget

The Armadale Road flyover will link Armadale Road with North Lake Road, easing traffic in Cockburn Central.
The Armadale Road flyover will link Armadale Road with North Lake Road, easing traffic in Cockburn Central.

THE $166 million Armadale Road flyover bridge will become reality, with the project to feature in the Federal Government’s 2017-18 budget books to be announced tomorrow evening.

The bridge, which will link Armadale and North Lake roads over the Kwinana Freeway, is part of a $237 million package that includes the flyover and collector roads for the area.

In another major win, the Kwinana Freeway northbound will be widened between Russell Road and Roe Highway.

The 8km road project will cost $49 million and complement work in the southbound lanes completed in December.

More than 52,000 vehicles use this stretch of Freeway each day, expected to increase to 75,000 vehicles by 2021.

The two local projects were included in a joint statement announcing a $2.3 billion road and rail deal struck by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Mark McGowan.

The Federal Government will commit $1.6 billion, with $745 million to be invested by the State Government.

The agreement, which is made up of 17 projects, should create 6000 jobs and will feature in Tuesday’s Federal Budget

Funding set aside for the Perth Freight Link, including $1.2 billion of Federal money, will be reallocated into new projects.

On Cockburn’s fringes, a $100 million road has been proposed to allow traffic from the Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway directly into Fiona Stanley Hospital and Murdoch Activity Centre.

In addition to significant road works, a combined $1.2 billion will also be allocated to Labor’s Metronet projects.

Among those is the Thornlie to Cockburn train line, subject to a successful business case.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said both governments worked to deliver the best possible outcome for WA.

“We recognise the priorities of the new WA State Government and will work with them to deliver high quality outcomes for Western Australia,” he said.

“In particular, the State Government’s Metronet initiative fits in well with my Government’s Smart Cities agenda, and we will continue to work with the Premier and his team to help make it happen.”

The $2.3 billion State-Federal package includes:

$1.86 billion reallocated from the Perth Freight Link project (including $1.2 billion in Federal funding)

$211 million from savings on existing road projects (including $166 million in Federal funding)

$226 million from the latest Federal Government GST top-up payment for Western Australia

Local road projects included in the WA infrastructure package:

Armadale Road-North Lake Road (Kwinana Freeway) Construction of bridge and collector roads (Project Costs: $237 million)

Leach Highway (Carrington Street to Stirling Highway) – Upgrade to High Street (Project Costs: $118 million)

Fiona Stanley Hospital and Murdoch Activity Centre access from Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway (Project Costs: $100 million)

Kwinana Freeway (Russell Road to Roe Highway) – Widening of Northbound Lanes (Project Costs: $49 million)

Kwinana Freeway (Roe Highway to Narrows Bridge) – Implementing Smart Freeways (Project Costs: $47 million)

Kwinana Freeway (Manning Road) – Constructing Freeway on-ramp (Project Costs: $35 million)

Karel Avenue (Farrington Road to Berrigan Drive) – Upgrades (Project Costs: $15 million)