Bibra Lake artist unites beach and history in Sculpture by Sea

Penelope Forlano with her piece
Penelope Forlano with her piece "Counterpoints". Photo: Jon Hewson. d490417

SCULPTURE by the Sea will celebrate its 15th anniversary when it kicks off in March, but the 2019 event will be even more special for one Cockburn artist.

After being part of the Bondi incarnation last year, Bibra Lake’s Penelope Forlano will exhibit at the popular Cottesloe Beach event for the very first time.

She said she has worked hard on her piece, which draws inspiration from the very setting it will be placed in.

“The sculpture was inspired by the beach and our shared cultural histories, it echoes the forms of a water droplet and its reflections but also flaked stone spearheads connect us to ancient cultures in Australia and across the globe,” she said.

“I love hearing about what people think the artwork is about and I aim for the work to be abstract enough to not have one literal meaning, yet have enough references for the object to trigger meaning and memory.

“Exhibiting at Bondi’s Sculpture by the Sea was incredible, especially considering the calibre of artists in the show, and I am looking forward to meeting the artists and seeing the works in this show.

“Sculpture by the Sea is a unique opportunity to engage with a wide audience, art-lovers or not, in a stunning location.”

Coolbellup’s Matthew Thorley will also have a piece at the event.

Sculpture by the Sea is at Cottesloe Beach from March 1 to 18.