City of Cockburn “above average” in Annual Nutrient Survey results for water and fertiliser management

Bushland in Success.
Bushland in Success.

THE City of Cockburn will be aiming to improve their nutrient management practices at parks and reserves in light of recent results from an annual survey.

The City participated in the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare’s Annual Nutrient Survey for Local Government Authorities and received a score card for its practices in different categories.

Categories included fertiliser applications, nutrient management, water quality monitoring and development control – all associated with the goal of improving the health of the Swan and Canning Rivers.

Following the results, each local government was given recommendations on how they could improve on water and fertiliser use and management.

According to the results released in late December, Cockburn recorded a score of 61 per cent for best practice management of nutrients, an above average level.

Cockburn environment manager Chris Beaton said they felt they were making progress on the issue, given the amount of new developments happening around the City.

“The City is always looking to improve its controls and the City’s Water Efficiency Action Plan identifies a number of actions to improve water quality within the City,” he said.

Mr Beaton said they were not looking to focus their efforts in any one area but instead continue to work across the board.

“The City attempts to manage and minimise nutrient use in all areas,” he said.

“Ultimately, it all ends up in the same place and has a range of adverse impacts.”

He said the City would continue to take part in the survey.

The City of Bayswater and Town of Vincent tied first in the survey with a score of 72 per cent.

Bayswater Deputy Mayor Chris Cornish said the City was proud of its achievement and was looking for ways to improve its water catchment management.

“We will be expanding our use of technology to manage water and fertiliser use at the City’s parks and reserves, ensuring we’re not using too much of either,” he said.

Overall best management practice scores:

–       City of Armadale: Overall best management practice score of 52% and an overall average level of best management practices achieved

–       City of Bayswater: 72 % (tied 1st), above average

–       City of Belmont: 62% , above average

–       Town of Cambridge: 55%, average

–       City of Canning: 63%, above average

–       Town of Claremont: 47%, average

–       City of Cockburn: 61%, above average

–       Town of Cottesloe: 37%, below average

–       City of Joondalup: 44% , average

–       City of Kalamunda: 51%, average

–       City of Kwinana: 60%, average

–       City of Mandurah: 55%, average

–       City of Melville: 57%, average

–       City of Nedlands: 43%, average

–       City of Perth: 44%, average

–       City of Rockingham: 65%, above average

–       City of South Perth: 64%, above average

–       City of Stirling: 63%, above average

–       City of Subiaco: 57%, average

–       City of Swan: 54%, average

–       Town of Victoria Park: 49%, average

–       City of Vincent: 72%, above average (tied 1st)