City of Cockburn asks for community to tell it how to spend $100,000

City of Cockburn asks for community to tell it how to spend $100,000

CITY of Cockburn is looking for community groups and residents to help spend $100,000 by presenting and developing projects important to them.

According to Mayor Logan Howlett the initiative ‘Cockburn Creates’ is an opportunity for community members to help create the Cockburn they want to see by helping allocate a budget of $100,000 to develop and implement projects close to their heart.

“The program is based on participatory budgeting where community members decide how to spend a portion of Council funds on community projects and then help implement them,” he said.

A first for the City, residents and community groups are invited to attend a free six-hour community workshop at Cockburn ARC on February 24 to brainstorm project ideas.

“In March and April, the community will vote online for its favourite projects from a list of potential ideas that will then be funded from the $100,000 budget,” Mr Howlett said.

“The most popular projects will receive funding and then be implemented by members of the community in an approach that will deliver the projects people really want, fostering increased neighbourhood pride and ownership.”

Project ideas according to the mayor could include making public buildings and shared spaces more colourful and artistic, improving streetscapes, recording and promoting the shared history of Cockburn people, creating social opportunities and activities for young multicultural people and supporting people to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Videos of project presentations from the workshop will feature in an online survey to help people decide how to vote, and the winning ideas will be announced at the end of May.

To take part email, RSVPs are compulsory.

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