Police arrest seven girls after rampage

Police arrest seven girls after rampage

COCKBURN police have arrested seven juvenile girls after a rampage through a shopping precinct in Success Monday night.

Police received a report about 5pm that a group of mostly juveniles had caused a disturbance outside Cockburn Gateway Shopping City in Beeliar Drive.

The group moved to a fast food store and allegedly attempted to steal property from the store and from several customers.

They then went to another nearby business premises where further people were allegedly assaulted.

Seven juvenile girls were arrested and taken to Cockburn police station.

Police say nine victims have been identified so far.

Community News was told last night of a “brawl” near St John Urgent Care at the shopping centre.

One resident said her mother was at the centre for a check-up when she called. The call included “yelling and screaming and chaos in the background and my mum crying my name saying help”, she said on Facebook.

The resident claimed a receptionist was “repeatedly punched”.

“What the hell is the world coming to,” she said.

She thanked staff for taking her mother out the back to safety.

And praised the receptionist for “her amazing resilience bouncing around after worrying about everyone else”.

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