Coogee: bone cancer survivor raises $8000 for Cancer Council WA

Natasha Curran.
Natasha Curran.

AFTER she experienced the devastation of cancer first hand, Coogee resident Natasha Curran and her workmates have rallied to raise money for others battling the disease.

The fit and healthy 24-year-old lost her leg to bone cancer in 2017, a diagnosis she said shocked her.

“I didn’t fit into a high risk category for any illness, let alone cancer,” she said.

“After a few months, the pain was unbearable.

“By the time I was given a scan, diagnosed and booked in for a femur replacement, the cancer had spread aggressively and the bone snapped while I slept.

“Unfortunately, it was too late to save my leg and it needed to be amputated above the knee.”

The junior IT support officer and her Pindan workmates united to help others living with cancer, giving a $8250 donation to Cancer Council WA after they held a number of fundraising events.

Ms Curran said she hoped her experience could help encourage others to see their doctor.

“If my story convinces someone to make that first appointment or ask for a second opinion, then I feel like I’ve done my job,” she said.