Coogee: ghosts come out to play at quarantine station

Rebecca Millman. Photo: Jon Hewson. d487406
Rebecca Millman. Photo: Jon Hewson. d487406

GHOSTS could come out to play at Woodman Point a little earlier than Halloween.

Next weekend local medium Rebecca Millman will take a group of brave people on an overnight ghost tour of the Woodman Point Quarantine Station, reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in the area.

In the 1880s, the Quarantine Station was established to isolate immigrants who were being cleared of diseases ravaging Europe and Asia such as smallpox and Spanish influenza.

Ms Millman said the spirits of those who died of these contagious diseases were known to haunt the area.

“There are young children, sailors, patients and others which still ‘haunt’ and all call the Quarantine Station home to this very day,” she said.

“A grumpy old sailor loves to let people know that he hated being made to retire from the sea, young children spirits can be heard playing and people feel them hold their hands.

“They have been witnessed by staff members, myself and people attending my tours, people forget they are human and interacting with them in this way brings them great joy.”

She said this overnight hunt only happened once a year and was a great opportunity to see something paranormal.

“During this event I give people the tools to help them to experience first-hand different types of paranormal phenomena and they will use different paranormal equipment to gather this evidence too,” she said.

Rebecca Millman’s overnight ghost hunt will be on October 12 to 13.

Visit for more information or to buy tickets.