Diver finds treasure trove of trashed electronics on the seafloor

A diver cleans up under the Ammo Jetty in February.
A diver cleans up under the Ammo Jetty in February.

BELOW Ammo Jetty, about 6m down in the depths, divers have found a treasure trove of dumped electronics.

Anthony Kouzinas found the haul, that would put any electronics store to shame, while he was scuba diving below the jetty at Woodman Point yesterday.

Mr Kouzinas collected a camcorder, a hard drive, old phones, battery banks, a computer monitor and cables from the sea floor.

The entire haul could be worth thousands.

Anthony Kouzinas was shocked by what he found on the seafloor while scuba diving.

The diver has now deposited the collection, which he believes was probably stolen goods, in the bin where it belongs.

“(There’s) loads of hazardous waste in electronics so it can’t be good for marine life,” he said.

“I think a lot of people want cameras installed on the jetty as stuff like this happens all the time and people aren’t aware.

“Usually, it’s from fishermen but this is an unusual case.”

Mr Kouzinas said locals he’d spoken to had expressed a wish for cameras to be installed on the jetty.