Fremantle Arts Centre: artists project creativity

Ngamaru Bidu and Sohan Ariel Hayes at the exhibition.  Picture: Robin Kornet   d461619
Ngamaru Bidu and Sohan Ariel Hayes at the exhibition. Picture: Robin Kornet d461619

THE Fremantle Arts Centre’s new exhibition intends to blow any preconceived ideas about video projection out of the water.

Four Australian artists have combined their skills for the Light Geist exhibition, intertwining three different projects into one big celebration of video projection and moving art.

Ella Barclay will project her footage of Fremantle Leisure Centre swimmers on to the vapour coming from suspended tanks in the centre’s hallway, while musician and artist Sam Price will delve into the firing synapses of a human mind in gallery 3.

Media artist Sohan Ariel Hayes has partnered with Martu artist Ngamaru Bidu to transform Bidu’s painting of a fire burning in the Western Desert, projecting it on the floor and walls of the main gallery.

Hayes said he travelled to Bidu’s country to development the collaboration and learnt first-hand the role fire played for the Martu.

“I combined high-resolution images of her fire paintings, the information she shared with me, and my own skills in digital animation to create a landscape in flux, energised and moving like the surface of the sun,” he said.

“Light Geist celebrates the enveloping and entrancing power of video projection with fiery landscapes, glowing vats of mist and intricate projection mapping.

“All the works in the show are new commissions and large-scale projections, they certainly challenge the notion that video projection is a flat cinematic experience.”

Light Geist is at the Fremantle Arts Centre until January 22.