Fremantle: safety fix for cliff behind naval stores

The cliff face behind the naval stores has a “high risk of failure”.
The cliff face behind the naval stores has a “high risk of failure”.

SAFETY works are needed on the cliff face behind the former naval stores after investigations found the area was too unstable to be left as it is.

Geotechnical consultants reported the area had a “high risk of failure” due to its instability and maintenance works on the naval stores have had to be delayed while the issues are corrected.

Fremantle infrastructure and project delivery director Graham Tattersall said the exposed soft limestone of the cliff face was vulnerable to wind and rain, which could create more erosion and the chance of rocks falling.

“Remedial works are now being scoped in consultation with the City’s geotechnical specialists to address the situation in the longer term and allow subsequent works on the building to take place safely,” he said.

“Without remediation there is a high risk of failures to the structure, which could damage the building and endanger people within or in the immediate vicinity.”

With the building works to the naval stores expected to begin early next year, Mr Tattersall said the cliff face remediation works should be finished by that time.