Hammond Park considered for proposed dog park

Residents enjoying the Jan Hammond dog park in Success.
Residents enjoying the Jan Hammond dog park in Success.

A PROPOSED dog park slated for Aubin Grove could be moved to Hammond Park.

In 2017 the City of Cockburn received $80,000 in state funding to develop a fenced dog park in Aubin Grove, with Durango Park chosen as the preferred site.

However at the City’s February council meeting, officers recommended the site be moved to Baler Court in Hammond Park, saying consultation with residents showed little support for the facility on Durango Park and that other options needed to be investigated.

Aubin Grove Community Association president Kieran Best said many residents bordering Durango Park believed the site was “far too close to homes”, but that the wider community had been supportive.

“The Community Association echoed the community’s support for a dog park in Aubin Grove as long as it would accommodate large and small dogs,” she said.

“Initially this was the plan, however, due to available and suitable area in the suburb, the offer was only for a dog park accommodating small dogs only.

“The newly proposed site in Hammond Park is a fabulous and resourceful use of space which fortunately is still very accessible to Aubin Grove residents.”

Hammond Park Community Association chair Stephen Greenwood said their residents were generally supportive of an enclosed dog park at Baler Court.

“Residents are supportive with the proviso that the facilities are adequate, the community is consulted and adequate shade and other facilities are essential,” he said.

“There are constant complaints from local residents re dogs off leads at other parks in Hammond Park and this will hopefully help resolve these issues.”

The proposal would bring the City of Cockburn’s enclosed dog park count to three, with facilities already in Jandakot and Success.

Cockburn recreation and community safety manager Travis Moore said he did not believe the City was only catering to residents in the eastern suburbs.

“The popularity of these sites and increase in dog ownership has demonstrated the need for additional locations,” he said.

“The City is considering future fenced dog park locations as part of the development of the Animal Exercise and Management Plan which is due to be completed later this year.”

During the meeting councillors voted to send the Hammond Park dog park proposal out for public comment.