John Curtin College of the Arts: learning difficulties Propel mother to excellence

Lynne Ivicevic with students Eliza Fletcher and Parker Horne. |Picture: Robin Kornet   d461841
Lynne Ivicevic with students Eliza Fletcher and Parker Horne. |Picture: Robin Kornet d461841

WATCHING her son struggle as he learnt to read, Lynne Ivicevic knew she had to do more to help him.

Ms Ivicevic decided support education was her calling when she learned her son had dyslexia and began working as part of the John Curtin College of the Art’s Propel program.

The program gives students the opportunity to gain social and emotional care alongside academic support.

Ms Ivicevic’s work has seen her win the 2016 Learning Difficulties Australia Bruce Wicking Award.

She said all four of her children had learning difficulties and she saw first-hand the difference appropriate intervention could have on a student.

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“The program is multi-dimensional and woven into the fabric of the college, with students often self-referring,” she said.

“Students choose to join Propel. It is not compulsory and often we will see students continuously from years 7 to 12.

“It is not a matter of just teaching a small group of students on any one particular day; it is about knowledge in the field of learning disabilities and giftedness, the intersection between the two and a high level of commitment, care and respect that is shared amongst the whole school community.”

Student Eliza Fletcher, who is part of the Propel program, said she always received the one-on-one help she needed because the teacher was not busy attending to 30 students at once.

“Ms Ivicevic can give more immediate attention to students, is really good at explaining concepts and If I don’t get it the first time, she can explain in different way that I may be able to understand better,” she said.

“She doesn’t give up until I do understand.

“Being in Propel gives me the opportunity to learn at my own speed and I don’t feel the pressure from the rest of the class and my self-esteem has gone up as my grades have gone up.”

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