Munster Army Cadet jazzes up training with dance routine

Munster Army Cadet Jacinta Frederiksen (17).
Munster Army Cadet Jacinta Frederiksen (17).

THE Australian Army Cadet (AAC) Brigade’s largest annual field exercise (AFX) had a little more jazz this year, with Munster cadet Jacinta Frederiksen introducing dance sessions to the training schedule.

The South Fremantle Senior High School student (17) joined the cadets after her mother, who worked at Leeuwin Barracks as a member of the Western Australian University Regiment (WAUR), told her about the program.

Jacinta has attended the WA AAC Brigade’s field exercise for the past four years and this year was made Tier Company Commander.

The new role saw her in charge of the well-being of a group of junior cadets who she said pushed their boundaries and grew to be stronger people as result of the AFX .

“The miserable weather that we experienced at the start was a genuine challenge but we overcame it by organising some music and just dancing and dancing until our spirits were high,” Jacinta said.

“Later on, when homesickness became an issue for some of the junior cadets, many of whom were on their first AFX, I just got them dancing again until they forgot about wanting to be back home.”

More than 560 cadets from across the state participated in the nine-day field exercise which tested their Tier-level military skills.

The field exercise included a range of activities such as abseiling, engineering, rock-wall climbing, survival, laser skeet shooting and firing weapons on the rifle range.

The Australian Army Cadets is a leading national youth development organisation, which provides development opportunities for youth in leadership, team dynamics and problem solving in a safe and challenging environment.

There are about 16,000 Army Cadets Australia wide.

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