North Coogee: CY O’Connor Beach user slams state of public toilets

The CY O'Connor Beach public toilet.
The CY O'Connor Beach public toilet.

A REGULAR user of CY O’Connor Beach has slammed the state of the reserve’s public toilets, labelling them a “disgrace and unsanitary”.

Astrid Arellano visits the North Coogee beach two or three times a week to walk or jog, but said the condition of its public toilet has deteriorated over summer.

She said in recent weeks she had noticed soiled toilet paper on the floor, the toilets were clogged and that they were “useless in this state”.

“My husband and I have noticed the poor state of the toilets for at least 12-24 months but they were worse over the Christmas break just gone,” she said.

“There are no toilet seats, often there is no toilet paper, the toilet bowl is dirty as is the floor, there is debris, rubbish and soiled underwear and clothing on the floor.

“Basic sanitation dictates a public toilet facility should be clean and hygienic, the toilets need to be looked after and cleaned daily and they could be locked at night to prevent vandalism.”

Astrid Arellano’s photo from inside the CY O’Connor Beach toilets.

City of Cockburn infrastructure services manger Doug Vickery said the were responsible for 17 toilet facilities across the city, which were inspected three times a day and cleaned once a day in winter and twice a day in summer and on school holidays.

He said the CY O’Connor toilet facility had received three cleanliness complaints in the last six months.

“A typical clean is to clean all toilet seats and basins, clean floors and restock supplies and the toilets’ floors are also high pressure cleaned once per week,” he said.

“The toilets are cleaned in accordance with the schedule and in normal circumstances this is found to ensure a good level of cleanliness.

“They are not cleaned more often unless an inspection or a message from the public indicates an issue has arisen with a particular toilet on a particular day, arising from a misuse of the facility or vandalism.

“The CY O’Connor toilets in particular can be the subject of abuse due to their relative isolation and periodic use by unauthorised overnight campers.

“A reporting by the public of a lack of cleanliness is encouraged, as is a respectful use of the facilities by the public, such that the facilities can be kept in a good standard for the benefit of all users.”

Reports of unsanitary toilets can be made to 9411 3444.

Astrid Arellano’s photo from inside the CY O’Connor Beach toilets.