Parking restrictions around Aubin Grove station removed

Aubin Grove Train Station
Aubin Grove Train Station

PARKING restriction zones around Aubin Grove Train Station will shrink after the City of Cockburn reconsidered its boundaries.

Rules that restricted parking in streets around the station such as Lauderdale Drive, Baler Court and Flourish Loop were introduced in April 2017 amid fears commuters would take advantage of the residential setting to avoid paying the $2 a day parking fee.

Despite regular capacity parking at nearby Cockburn Central station, a PTA commissioned Road Safety Audit found usual occupancy of the Aubin Grove station’s carpark was only 10 to 20 per cent.

According to the City of Cockburn, “the high availability of car bays further reduces the foreseeable demand of the City’s on-street parking facilities within the nearby area”, leading councillors to pass a recommendation removing five sections of Success, Atwell and Hammond Park from the restrictions.

City of Cockburn rangers and community safety manager Michael Emery said only 10 infringements had been issued to vehicles within the restricted area in the last 12 months.

“Several residents raised concerns about the need for the parking precinct and size of the area, so after further review the City’s officers recommended reducing the size,” he said.

“The amended areas have taken into consideration the high availability of car bays at the train station and areas where we have already received complaints.

“The other remaining areas were kept due to the close proximity to the train station and existing minimal car parking for residents in multi-unit dwellings.

“The City is currently writing to the residents within the area advising the changes are effective immediately.”