Petition to remove faces at Cockburn train station

Petition to remove faces at Cockburn train station

KWINANA Freeway and train commuters should be familiar with the two faces that have hovered above Cockburn train station for years.

But there are renewed calls to remove the faces, with hundreds signing a petition.

The faces, of a middle-aged woman and a young man, are a photoshopped mash-up of people who live in Cockburn.

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More than 9000 people have liked the Facebook page – Remove the cockburn train station face.

“For years we have all driven down the free-way (sic) and seen this disgusting image, and the uglier one on the other side.. hopefully this site will raise awareness that we do not like it!!!” the ‘about’ section says.

This is the second petition calling for the removal of the faces.

In 2012, more than 5000 people signed the petition.

More than 900 people have signed the latest petition.

“This sign is a damn eyesore and it’s not even relevant anymore! You want to make a statement then have something more artistic that doesn’t look like it’s been knocked together on someone’s lunch break on Windows Paint,” Daniel Alexander wrote on the website.

“It’s creepy and scares my children and my great aunt,” Luke Darcy wrote.

The petition comes after radio station 92.9 made a video explaining the origin of the mysterious faces.