Residents call for construction of a limestone wall to blockout new $120m Aubin Grove train station precinct

Fran Logan and Melanie Gompertz at the site of the new transport precinct.
Picture: Will Russell   d458873
Fran Logan and Melanie Gompertz at the site of the new transport precinct. Picture: Will Russell d458873

SUCCESS residents living next to Aubin Grove train station are considering protesting if a wall is not built to separate homes from a $120 million transport precinct.

Local Melanie Gompertz said residents wanted a 1.8m limestone wall constructed on Lauderdale Drive to block sight of the Aubin Grove station car park from established homes.

The station is due to open next year.

Mrs Gompertz said residents were not against the station, but did not want to look out their windows on to a car park featuring thousands of bays and believed such a space could lead to increased crime.

“We’ve tried to negotiate with the Public Transport Authority,” she said.

“They talk about passive security but residents aren’t going to be watching a car park.

“We’re keen for a resolution, but if it carries on we’ll get to the opening and we will be there with banners.”

Cockburn MLA Fran Logan said the car park had been plonked on their doorstep and residents had a legitimate case.

“They’ve come up with every excuse in the book to stop this (the wall),” he said.

“But we keep on going because we want an outcome that suits the PTA but also makes sure the residents are protected from any effects from something they never asked for.”

The PTA had proposed to install 1.2m chain mesh fencing.

PTA spokesman David Hynes did not comment on the possible protest, but said large solid walls including the suggested 1.8m limestone wall were rarely a deterrent to antisocial behaviour.

“We believe construction of a 1.8m limestone wall along Lauderdale Drive would compound the issues the community have raised, not alleviate them,” he said.

Mr Hynes said a compromise featuring the installation of three separate sections of 1.5m high perforated steel screening, in addition to the 1.2m chain mesh fencing originally planned, was being considered.

“When Aubin Grove Station opens, the car park, like all our car parks, will have extensive security lighting, CCTV and regular security patrols.

“We believe this, coupled with the visibility provided by a mesh fence, will have a far greater impact on reducing anti-social behaviour and crime,” he said.

Cockburn’s planning and development director Daniel Arndt said a 1.8m limestone wall would lead to issues over passive surveillance, safety and public amenity.