Runaway emu on the freeway

Picture: The Bell Tower Times/Sarah C
Picture: The Bell Tower Times/Sarah C

FREEWAY motorists bear witness to a police “chase” with a loose emu this afternoon.

Police said they received several calls regarding an emu walking along the emergency lane, around the Russell Road area of the Kwinana freeway in Success, at about 1.25pm.

Main Roads advised motorists that the emergency lane on the Kwinana freeway northbound has been affected as police try to catch the emu.

“Traffic Enforcement Group are in attendance and we have requested assistance from Main Roads and the City of Cockburn,” a police spokesperson said.

“Cars are slowing down in the area. Emus can become unpredictable – at this time it appears to be quite calm, but that could change at any time.

“Police will leave it to City of Cockburn and other agencies like Wildcare to guide us on the best way to capture the animal, the main focus of police will be maintaining traffic flow as much as possible.”