South Lake residents upset as planning department drags feet

TWO South Lake residents are angry a revitalisation plan for three Cockburn suburbs has sat with the planning department and minister for more than a year. The City of Cockburn began work on the Lakes Revitalisation Strategy in 2015 to guide future residential development and suburb revitalisation in parts of South Lake, Bibra Lake and North Lake.

Cockburn planning and development services director Daniel Arndt said the strategy was sent to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) in January 2018 with a recommendation for approval.

He said two of Cockburn’s three previous revitalisation strategies took just five months to go through the system, while the third took 13 months after DPLH requested minor modifications.

“The City notes (the strategy) was submitted to the DPLH 14 months ago for a decision following overwhelming support from the community and there is no indication as to when a decision will be made,” he said.

“The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy is the fourth infill project the City of Cockburn has undertaken and each revitalisation project works towards meeting infill targets.

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