Success boy all smiles despite adversity

Emma Leonard (Success PS Ed. Support Teacher), Tamara Dlugi with Aidan (PrePrimary) & sister Amelia (Year 2). Photo: Jon Hewson. d493657
Emma Leonard (Success PS Ed. Support Teacher), Tamara Dlugi with Aidan (PrePrimary) & sister Amelia (Year 2). Photo: Jon Hewson. d493657

AIDAN Dlugi is as energetic, friendly and inquisitive as any other five-year-old.

The young Success Primary School student is already a little celebrity among his peers and teachers, but despite his happy demeanour everyday activities such as talking and walking are a challenge for the otherwise vivacious little boy.

Aidan has multiple chromosomal abnormalities, mosaicism of four of his chromosomes, a combination which has never been seen and has no name but has led to global development delay, hearing impairments and leg muscle development issues among others.

But Aidan’s mother Tamara Dlugi said despite his adversity, nothing could bring Aidan’s spirit down.

“Aidan just keeps on going, he doesn’t let his condition stop him,” she said.

“Our nickname for him is ‘Aidanator the Investigator’ as he is very inquisitive of the world around him and he is fascinated with technology and buttons-if something has buttons, he won’t leave it alone until he can work out what it does.

“He is adventurous, cute, loving and caring and his smile really does light up a room.

“He gets everyone wrapped around his little fingers very quickly.”

Last month, Aidan was recognised for his spirited approach to life with a Lions Children of Courage Award, which acknowledges children who have shown bravery in the face of adversity.

He was one of seven young Cockburn children sponsored by the Lions Club of Jandakot Lakes for the 2019 event.

Mrs Dlugi said she was amazed at just how strong her little boy was.

“He had to wear a hip brace for two years, but he still found a way to play and interact with everyone,” she said.

“He has to wear a bone conduction aid head band hearing aid, but he knows he has to wear it to hear, so he wears it.

“He has difficulty walking, but pushes himself to walk as far as he can.

“As his parents, we are very proud of him being recognised for being himself.

“We are proud of him for always progressing, always achieving more than everyone expects and for always being positive and happy.”