Success by name and nature after five division one wins in 2018

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THE suburb of Success is living up to its name with five division one lottery wins in 2018.

Cockburn Gateway Lottery Centre was in party mode again on the weekend after another winning ticket was sold, this time netting the buyer more than $439,000.

It was the second division one win this year for the Cockburn Gateway Lottery Centre, which is now just one win behind Gateways News and Lottery Centre with three.

The ticketholder, a father of three from Gosnells, said he made the trip to the Success after hearing about the suburb’s luck.

“My wife wasn’t too keen on the idea, saying I was a bit mad to believe in these things,” he said.

“In fact, the first week she refused, but the following week I convinced her to take a chance.

“But now that it’s turned out the way it did, we can’t stop laughing about it.”

A further winning division one ticket from the same draw was purchased from Forrest News in Hamilton Hill.

At the time of going to print, this ticket had not been claimed.